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Dlite Loft Conversion in London

A loft conversion is one of the best ways to improve your house value, in case you are looking to sell or rent it. Nonetheless, you can take advantage from it yourself by having extra space in your house too. Just like with renovating a basement, a loft conversion can provide you with the necessary space to build your dream room, whether it is a game room, home cinema or just an additional bedroom.
If you choose to work with us, we can guarantee the project is completed end-to-end with the highest quality standards. There are a number of options when choosing to implement a loft conversion.

  • Qualified & approved loft conversion specialists
  • Free survey & written quotation
  • Comprehensive loft extensions and conservation area portfolio
  • Full liability insurance

Dlite Loft conversion in London is one of the best ways to improve the worth of your home, in addition, it can also provide additional excellent advantages. You can transform your old loft into a luxurious extra space for your family to live in. House Renovation London can undertake several loft conversions in London and design and build them into luxurious extra spaces. London, is well known for its problems with home space, especially for a big family that cannot afford a larger apartment. We can help you design and build that extra space in your home. You can take a look at our portfolio to get a better idea for your loft conversion in London. 

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How Much Value Can Your Loft Conversion in London Add to your House?

A loft conversion in London is an excellent approach to increase the value of your property. On average, a loft conversion in London can increase the value of your house by 30%, which indicates you are very likely to earn capital from your property in the long term. Given the limited space in London, this is the most common home improvement that anyone can carry out. In addition to being less expensive than transferring house, it can also improve your living space.

How Long Can It Take a Loft Conversion in London?

Depending on the type of Loft Conversion, the duration for it to be complete can differ. For example, a dormer loft conversion on a terraced or semi-detached house can take around 4 – 6 weeks to complete, while a hip to gable on a semi-detached home can take between 5 – 7 weeks. These timelines are only rough estimations as many circumstances can affect the work, e.g weather conditions. We have a dedicated and professional team and we always aim to complete everything on time. We pride ourselves in our strong reputation among our customers earned during the years thanks to our hard work and dedication.

Ready to Start your Loft Conversion in London?

If you already have clear ideas in your mind then contact us for a FREE site survey and no-obligation quote as we work across London. You can also take a look at our portfolio to get a better idea of our work. Also, if you want to know our detailed process, the stages involved from start to finish or any question you might have, just get in touch and we will answer all inquiries while offering you the best price for your loft conversion in London. After getting our affordable quote for your project and once you are confident enough, we can start with the work. 

Types of Loft Conversion

L Shape Mansard Loft Conversion

This loft conversion method is similar to the previous one. However, instead of sitting at an angle of 90 degrees, the new application sits at a lower angle, not making it vertical.

Hip to Gable Loft Conversion

This loft conversion is applied to houses with slanting roof. One side of the roof is made vertical which will not only increase the head space but also the usable space in the loft.

L Shape Mansard Loft Dormer

An L Shaped Dormer loft is also applied to houses with a slanting roof. Similar to the Hip to Gable, the roof will be made vertical but this time it is implemented in two sides of the house which are displayed in an L shape. This is the loft conversion type that will most increase the usable space in your property.

Velux Loft Conversion

Velux lofts are the most versatile type of loft conversions, as they can be built on a wide range of homes, including detached, semi detached and terraced properties. They create more additional floor and head space by extending the roof, and most of the time will end up making your loft the largest room in the house.

How does the Loft Conversion work?

Having a Loft Conversion implemented is a bit of a complex process. But we’ll make it easy for you. If you choose to work with us, we guarantee the completion of the project without any headaches for you.

Every house is different from one another. This means that different loft solutions might be more appropriate to some houses but not to others. Thankfully, our experts are quite experienced in making these solutions work for our clients. Our creative architect’s designers love working with these projects since it allows them to put their creativity to the test.

Since these solutions are quite complex, a site visit is absolutely necessary to understand the display of the house and the necessities of the client. This site visit is 100% free and does not represent a commitment to work with us. We will then proceed to present you with a written budget and planning for the project. After this, our architects and designers will execute the necessary drawings and 3D models so you can also visualise how the loft will look like once it’s finished. Our builders will then come into action and execute the plan.

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About Us

We take pride in having completed numerous house renovations with extreme client satisfaction. This satisfaction is achieved by putting our focus on the client’s needs and requirements. It is this focus and satisfaction pursuit that pushes us to continuously improve and continue to bring forward innovative design with incorporated next-generation technology. The combination of your vision and our expertise is what enables us to create your dream space.

Why Dlite home renovation studio

High-Quality Deliverables

Not only do we employ the best practices, but we implement the highest quality materials to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team is composed by people who have educated themselves in Design, Engineering, Architecture, Innovation and Service Design.

10 Years Of Experience

Our lead experts have been designing and renovating houses all over the world for the past 10 years.

Deliver On Time

Thanks to our tiptop planning phase, we are able to complete 100% of our projects in time without any hiccups.

Dedicated Job

For each project, we assign a dedicated project manager so the project can be accompanied for its whole duration and for you to always have someone available.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We have a reputation of leaving our customers fully pleased with the whole project they chose to carry out with us. This is what allow us to have a strong word of mouth performance and returning clients.

Supported by our values

We are committed to completing every project with the utmost excellence.
Our team is always happy to hear about your vision and discuss it. Get in touch with us by email or phone.

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For extra space renovation, extension, or conversion, Get in touch with Dlite. Our professional team is always happy to hear your thoughts about your project, either on the phone or in person. If you would like to discuss your project requirement, schedule a FREE  personal appointment or site meeting, you can phone or email us directly or use the enquiry form below.


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