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We Design & Build House Extensions in London

Over the past few years, housing prices have surged all over the United Kingdom, especially in London. As such, homeowners have looked more to the potential of their property has than the building that currently sits there. This is the main reason why house extensions have become so popular lately. These extensions can appear in many forms like lateral and rear extensions, or even complete wrap around. Additionally, it is not noticeable from the inside or outside that the extension was not part of the original house structure.

  • Lateral extensions

Along with the rear extension this is the most common one, due to its implementation simplicity and price. A lateral extension consists in rearranging your house structure to include a new room or increase the size of an existing one such as kitchen or living room. This can be implemented in the form of 1 or 2 story extensions.

  • Rear extention

A rear extension is what usually allows the biggest space increase for your house since normally houses have more space to grow into in the backyard. This is the most common option for large extensions which can even fit multiple rooms.

  • Wrap Around

A wrap around house extension is what allows for the largest increase of livable room in your house. It combines a side and rear extension, wrapping your house with the new extended space. It is the most modern solution and what will truly revolutionize how your house looks from the outside. This contemporary architectural solution will make you believe you just moved to a completely new house!

Side Return Extensions

The added space with side return house extensions provides you and your family members more space. Extensions can be modified into rooms of relaxation and entertainment, fitted with integrated sound systems and technology.

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Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen extensions have become the most popular types of home improvements in London properties. A new kitchen can add up to 6% in value to a property and is sometimes the first thing people look for when buying. This is why open-plan kitchen diners are now high in demand and are often adjoined to the rear end of the house.

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Rear Extension (Single, Double Storey)

A rear extension takes full advantage of the outside space and boosts the indoor capacity by integrating the flooring or materials that can be found in the garden. Shifting the extraneous space from the outside to the inside can result in a significant increase in livable room, thus encouraging household members to congregate more in this part of the property.

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Wrap Around

As swathes of new luxury modern apartments sweep the city, there’s also been a newfound penchant to modernising existing properties with similarly designed house extensions. These glass designs represent the new trend in contemporary architecture and can reinvent living spaces by facilitating large amounts of natural light. Not only does this brighten up the place and make it more inviting, but it also gives the illusion of even more space.

How the House Extension Works?


The process of extending your house might look complex but is fairly simple. No matter the dimension of the project, our compromise is to finish it with the utmost quality and within the provided time frame. We advise carrying out your house extension entirely with our professionals, but we are also open to working with third party organisations, architects or designers.
As always, we recommend starting with a free site visit where we can assess the property, your necessities and requirements. Following the planning phase, we present you with drawings and 3D models of how your new house extension should appear. After approval from the client side, we begin the building process. When everything is ready to be delivered, alongside the client, we will go over final checks and evaluate any changes that might be necessary.

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About Us

We take pride in having completed numerous house renovations with extreme client satisfaction. This satisfaction is achieved by putting our focus on the client’s needs and requirements. It is this focus and satisfaction pursuit that pushes us to continuously improve and continue to bring forward innovative design with incorporated next-generation technology. The combination of your vision and our expertise is what enables us to create your dream space.

Why Dlite home renovation studio

High-Quality Deliverables

Not only do we employ the best practices, but we implement the highest quality materials to surpass our clients’ expectations.

Highly Qualified Team

Our team is composed by people who have educated themselves in Design, Engineering, Architecture, Innovation and Service Design.

10 Years Of Experience

Our lead experts have been designing and renovating houses all over the world for the past 10 years.

Deliver On Time

Thanks to our tiptop planning phase, we are able to complete 100% of our projects in time without any hiccups.

Dedicated Job

For each project, we assign a dedicated project manager so the project can be accompanied for its whole duration and for you to always have someone available.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We have a reputation of leaving our customers fully pleased with the whole project they chose to carry out with us. This is what allow us to have a strong word of mouth performance and returning clients.

Supported by our values

We are committed to completing every project with the utmost excellence.
Our team is always happy to hear about your vision and discuss it. Get in touch with us by email or phone.

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For extra space renovation, extension, or conversion, Get in touch with Dlite. Our professional team is always happy to hear your thoughts about your project, either on the phone or in person. If you would like to discuss your project requirement, schedule a FREE  personal appointment or site meeting, you can phone or email us directly or use the enquiry form below.


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    Interior Design

    Helping you create your dream home

    • Design advice about any aspect of your home
    • Advising on styles, options, feasibility & cost
    • Producing detailed plans, elevations and 3D images
    • Suggesting suitable fittings, furnishings, colours and lighting
    • Accentuating the best features of your property
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    Project Management

    Making property renovation happen

    • Initial planning of the project including regulatory advice
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    • Acting as interface between clients, contractors and specialists
    • Problem-solving and troubleshooting
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    Home Staging

    Maximising your property’s market potential

    • Prepare your property so it sells, or lets, quickly on market price
    • Accentuate the best features of the house
    • Suggest cost effective, maximum impact solutions
    • Arrange quick execution of the project
    • Ensure the property appeals to the maximum number of viewers
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