Project Description

Full House Renovation in Warwick Way

We completed our full house renovation in Warwick Way, which lasted 23 weeks in total and had a full transformation from the main living room, to the kitchen extension, bathroom renovation and bedroom refurbishment. At Dlite House Renovation Studio, we tailor our service to the individual needs of the project and the expectations of our clients.

  • Architectural Design & Build

  • Complete Refurbishment

  • New Family Bathroom

  • Kitchen Fit-out

  • Painting & Decorating

  • Electrical, Plumbing & Gas Work

  • Floor Soundproof Insulation

  • Groundwork & Foundations

Full House Renovation and Refurbishment

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In this property, we were able to undertake a full house renovation with a kitchen and bathroom refurbishment. New lighting, bathrooms, flooring and décor, all finished to the highest of standards. The old rear extension was demolished and a new design and built plan to house the kitchen and dining room, a vast open extra space with skylights and massive doors to flood it with natural light and to create a flow between a new sumptuous interior and a stunning outside area.

Every wall in the property was plastered and redecorated in chic neutral tones to allow the steel, wood, tile, glass and crystal finishes in each room to shine. The focal point of the home though, and the most important of our refurbishment project was the spacious dining room extension. For this, a unique design and build plan was put in place, fashioned and installed to match the lighting hung over the starkly contrasting white big doors.