Home renovation projects have been trending over the past few years in the United Kingdom and, especially, London. But why is that? And why is this service important?

We need a place that we can call home. A home provides security, control, sense of belonging, identity, privacy, and a place for socialising, among other things. A person does not have to be wealthy or have a large house to create a space that continually reminds them of their own deepest values and hopes and inspires them to realise them. When we purchase a home, we look for it to provide comfort, to be a place where we can feel safe and invest our hopes, dreams and wishes as a foundation for our future. But does this actually happen in the UK?

Many houses in the UK are “shameful shoebox homes” which are too small for family life, the Royal Institute of British Architects (Riba) has said. Riba chief executive Harry Rich said these houses were causing some people to endure a lower quality of life. “Our homes should be places that enhance our lives and well-being,” he said. “However, as our new research confirms, thousands of cramped houses – shameful shoebox homes – are being churned out all over the country, depriving households of the space they need to live comfortably and cohesively.” Riba’s survey of new-home buyers found that more than half (58%) said there was not enough space for furniture they owned or would like to own. Nearly 70% said there was not enough storage for their possessions. Families reported they did not have enough space to socialise, entertain guests or spend quiet time in private, with 34% of fully occupied households saying they didn’t have enough space to have friends over for dinner and 48% saying they did not have enough space for entertaining visitors at all.

our new research confirms, thousands of cramped houses – shameful shoebox homes – are being churned out all over the country, depriving households of the space they need to live comfortably and cohesively

Riba chief executive Harry Rich

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In addition, more than 9.4 million homes in England and Wales were built before World War 2, and almost 5 million are more than 100 years old. Roughly 2 million houses were built 40 years ago. In parallel, the number of homes built every decade has been decreasing since the 1950s. (http://www.historicdoors.co.uk/blog/englands-building-age-infographic/)

So, the biggest reasons why people have been seeking more and more home renovation services are the fact that a lot of houses are old and outdated and do not provide their occupiers with the necessary quality of life that they would wish for.

Now that you’ve understood why this service is trending, let’s figure out why it is important to use a house renovation service. Well, for starters, to solve one of the issues raised before.

People have understood that their house has a big impact in their life and, since they want a good life, they need a good home. Renovating a house will for sure guaranteed an improved interior in terms of aesthetics. Refreshed walls, refreshed floors and refreshed arrangement of furniture would be the first step in securing this improved look. But, more than that, people seek to renovate their houses to improve their functionality, as this would have a greater effect on the quality of life of its occupiers.

Improving the functionality of a house can come in many forms. The most common renovation projects involve repurposing rooms, meaning people want to give a new use to a room they already had. This requirement comes from children moving out of the house and parents wanting to repurpose their former rooms; interest changes such as wanting to have a game room, home cinema or bar; or need changes such as the need to work from home as we have been witnessing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The second big reason why people are resorting to these services comes from an investment standpoint. Obviously, this service can be seen as a non-economical investment in a way that people are spending money to improve their quality of life, even though not reaping economic gains. But, it can also be quite an appropriate economic investment, as the house value would increase.

When looking at an economic investment you should assess its timespan: short term or long term. Starting with the short term, people would invest to have a higher gain on a short period of time. An example of such an investment would be to renovate a house in order to sell it for a higher price. On the other hand, a long term investment would have you spend now to continuously earn more over a longer period of time. This can be achieved with a house renovation in the way that you would be able to ask for a higher rent price for the whole house. In addition, people can also renovate a house to have an extra spare room which they would then rent to regain that investment.

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